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Education Timeline

Updated: Jan 18

* Emphasis on/related to Texas.


1867 - US Department of Education is created


1958 - National Defense Education Act (NDEA) - during Cold War to provide monetary support for schools


1964 - Title VI of the Civil Rights Act

1965 - Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) [2]


1972 - Title IX - Congress tried to eliminate discrimination in education based on sex and gender

1973 - Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) - prohibited discrimination based on race, sex, or disability


1980 - TABS test

1983 - 'Nation at Risk' report, commissioned by T.H.Bell, Secretary of Education; the report from the US Department of Education rated the education system as deficient and a new approach was seen as mandatory if the nation were to compete on the world stage. Enter OBE (outcome based education).


1994 - IASA

1995 - TEAMS

1990 - TAAS

1992 - SCANS report first put out by the US Department of Labor to guide a more vocational emphasis in our high schools [4]

1993 - publicized rankings and consequences for failure

1994 - Fetzer Institute established social and emotional learning (SEL); CASEL (Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning) created [1]


2001-2012 - TAKS; mandate introduced; test much harder [3]

2002 - No Child Left Behind (NCLB) established; updated the ESEA & increased the federal role

2006 - * Texas Legislature requires the development of CCRS (College & Career Readiness Standards)

2008 - * TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators) created the New Vision for Public Education document


2012 - Obama changed the regulations surrounding FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) to say that our children's private data can be collected without consent in the name of research.

2012 - * STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) implemented

2013 - adopted AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress), met or failed, to meet standards

2014 - AYP 100% mandate and waiver, conveniently, available

2014 - WIOA (The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) created requiring Workforce Initiative (WDQI) and SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System) to link

2015 - ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) replaced NCLB and rebranded CCSS (Common Core) as CCRS (College & Career Readiness Standards)

2015 - * Texas legislature passes HB 1842 in 84(r) and Districts of Innovation appeared which allow schools to have uncertified educators, exceed class sizes in k-4, manipulate attendance to prepare for virtual education, etc.

2019 - Congress passed FEPA (Foundation for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act) which creates a federal database containing data from every federal agency on every citizen

2019 - Texas Legislature passed HB 1026 which ushered in character trait education (SEL)


2021 - * Texas legislature passed SB 123 in 87(r) which further defined SEL (social and emotional learning)

2022 - Title IX updates, Biden administration added protections for LGBT students




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Education Storyboard, by Voices Empower

ACHIEVE Timeline by Achieve

Common Core Timeline by Common Core Facts

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