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Ed Spotlight: Common Core

Updated: Jan 18

Common Core Standards

Common Core or Common Core Standards or Common Core State Standards were rebranded as CCR (College and Career Readiness) in 2015.


See "Ed Spotlight: Ed Timeline".


by New Discourses with James Lindsey


* Go to minute 2:09:00 for info on Common Core (just a short clip, but important).

Quote from above podcast: "Bill and Melinda Gates dumped a river of money into Common Core which was created by Robert Muller who was a huge fan of Alice Bailey. Derived from the World Core Curriculum he created for the UN...." - minute 2:09:00

See "Ed Spotlight: Alice Bailey".

Peg – Common Core vs Research

By Peg Luksik


3 Social Emotional Education who determines the "Outcomes"


by J.D. Reeder

Video Notes:

* Interview with Charlie Garza, former Texas SBOE Member.

0:29 Common Core

2:00 New Math TEKS | Process Standards, See "Ed Spotlight: Math TEKS".

2:10 Pat Hardy, Texas SBOE member mentioned, See "Ed Spotlight: Pat Hardy".

4:25 Ken Mercer, Texas SBOE member mentioned

7:50 Obama signed EO 12866 changed FERPA, See "Ed Spotlight: FERPA".

8:11 ACT/SAT are now aligned to Common Core, See "Ed Spotlight: Common Core", "Ed Spotlight: ACT | SAT"

9:10 SLDS was created, See "Ed Spotlight: SLDS (State Longitudinal Database System").

9:43 Texas Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath recommeds SEL., See "Ed Spotlight: Mike Morath".

Common Core / ESSA is Child Abuse in the Classroom


by J.D. Reeder

See "Ed Spotlight: ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)".

Common Core/ESSA implements Psychological Techniques


by J.D. Reeder

See "Ed Spotlight: ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)".

See "Ed Spotlight: State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)".

Common Core- Psychological Profiling & Data Collection


by J.D. Reeder

See "Ed Spotlight: FERPA".

See "Spotlight: SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)".

See "Ed Spotlight: ESG".

"Texas Education is now federal education."

"The problem here is that every entry that is made and cataloged into the electronic device is creating a dossier on your child and that will last forever." - minute 1:30

Chris Remy Testimony to SBOE Committee on Instruction


CCS 5 Peg Luksik – Should Our Children Be Standarized?

By KRoseVideo


Common Core Education Part 2

By Dr. Peg Luksik


28:45 GED now Common Core aligned

30:25 ACT/SAT aligned with Common Core standards

33:00 NGA Center for Best Practices

36:08 Common Core website

39:34 Business analogy vs the state

41:55 Womb to Tomb

43:09 Sustainability Summit & Green Citizens

44:48 Career Pathways “School to Work”

46:19 CCS are not sufficient, Dispositions/Mindsets (SEL=CCR)

“Our culture is transmitted through our literature. Without it, we do not help our children access the better part of themselves.” – Peg Luksik

Common Core Education Part 1

By Dr. Peg Luksik


Think Common Core State Standards are State led?


by Common Core Facts blog

Click here for Common Core Timeline.

Common Core Standards Threaten Our Children's Schools


by Heritage Foundation hosted on Keep Education Local

United Nations (Common Core & Choice)

early 2000's

by J.D. Reeder

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