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Ed Spotlight: FERPA

Updated: Jan 3

FERPA - Family Educational Right and Privacy Act

2012 - Obama changed the regulations surrounding FERPA law to say that our children's private data can be collected without consent in the name of research or for any educational purpose.

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Protecting Student Privacy

Current as of 01/03/2023

by US Dept of Education

Radical Education Reform


by Voices Empower

Download PDF • 8.46MB

"The DOE and state departments of education may disclose... student data... to anyone in the world..."

Common Core/ESSA implements Psychological Techniques


by J.D. Reeder

"The problem here is that every entry that is made and cataloged into the electronic device is creating a dossier on your child and that will last forever." - Dr. Pat Huff, minute 1:30

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