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Somehow, we now have new verbiage ( see (a)(3) above ) which includes words and phases like the following:

  • awareness of self-identify

  • recognize multiple perspectives

  • diversity

  • biases

  • social and cultural context in which they live

We also have directive that none of this "can be taught, discussed, or viewed in isolation" (see (a)(4) above) which translates to SEL everywhere. These vague directives along with new vocabulary outside of the original bill leave the door wide open manipulation. The following bills also laid the groundwork for SEL.

what is the goal of sel?

The goal of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is to shift the attitudes, values, and beliefs of your children. The question we all need to be asking is whose attitudes, values, and beliefs did we go with?

what are the dangers of sel?

No education is neutral and nearly 100% of the SEL curriculums we have reviewed are harmful. Differing programs focus on one or more of the below elements depending upon the program selected. 

Psychoanalysis By Unlicensed Professionals

Psychological Data Collection

Sharing of Data with Non-authorized 3rd Parties

Teacher Evaluations Produce Interventions which stay in a Child's Permanent Record for Life

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) which is a vein of CRT

Introduction of Religion whether it be Eastern Religions (Buddhism or Hinduism) or Secular Humanism


Gender Theory

The Removal of the Parent as the Utmost Authority on Values, Attitudes, & Beliefs

Focus on Emotions Instead of Critical Thinking

Unnatural and/or Early Exposure

Time Spent Not Working On Reading, Writing, & Math

District Funding of Unneeded Curriculum & Training 

How was positive character taught before the invention of social emotional learning?

Positive reinforcement has been done in the classroom for years. For example, when children read about the holocaust, they learn empathy. When a teacher assigns a project, the child learns reliability and punctuality when he or she turns in the completed assignment on time. Teachers have been displaying and reinforcing self-control, kindness, respect, and courtesy in the classroom for years. It's only been in recent years that this has become a struggle due to lack of support for teacher authority in the classroom and the implementation of discipline disintegration policies such as restorative discipline.  

Can you show me a few articles or videos supporting your arguments about sel?

Below are a few articles and videos to further your knowledge of what SEL is all about. 

can you give me specific harmful sel examples?

Yes, we will look at CASEL programs 7 Mindsets as well as Second Step , Character Strong and the Rhithm app. Click here for our full list of harmful curriculum. 

See "Ed Spotlight: CASEL"

See "Ed Spotlight: SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)".

See "OPT OUT" on Texans Wake Up.

what do i do now?

Opt your child out of all SEL curriculum and surveys. Ensure that anything moving forward from the district is OPT IN only for your family. See our ACT NOW page.

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