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Education Spotlight: HB1842 in 84R

HB 1842 in 84(R) Legislative Session

Caption Text: Relating to public school accountability, including the intervention in and sanction of a public school that has received an academically unsuccessful performance rating for at least two consecutive school years and the designation of a school district as a district of innovation.

Author: Aycock (R) | Dutton (D) | Bohac (R) | Rodriguez, Eddie. (D) | Farney (R)

Sponsor: Taylor, Larry (R) Cosponsor: West

Signed by the governor 06/19/2015 and effective immediately.

Bill text.

This bill is known as the DOI or 'District of Innovation' bill. This was also the legislation that allowed there to be a student school board member as well as public school sanctioning.

The DOI education code is located in CHAPTER 12A. DISTRICTS OF INNOVATION.

This bill is remarkable in that it allows for districts to apply for and be accepted into a group that allows them to exempt themselves from self-selected portions of the Texas Education Code.

Districts of Innovation

TEA website

As of 9/4/22, there are 870 Districts of Innovation in Texas.

Mia Martin Discusses HB 1842


RISD’s General Counsel Mia Martin gave a detailed explanation of HB 1842 (please scrub to 3:28) where they slid DOI in at the very end of the session. She also pointed out the similarities of HB 1842 and the failed Dallas ISD Home Rule Charter (6:47).

"While we might have thought that the legislature chewed over this and deliberated for a really long time, they didn't." - Mia Martin referring to DOI in HB1842

Democratic Systems Under Threat of Being REMOVED in Texas

by Status Coup News


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District of Innovation


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Texas to Hold Districts Accountable for Failing Schools


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State to Ride Herd on Failing Schools


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