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SB123 in 87(R) Legislative Session

Bill: SB 123

Legislative Session: 87(R)

Caption Text: Relating to instruction in positive character traits and personal skills in public schools.

Author: Nathan Johnson (D-SD16)

Coauthor: Powell (D-SD10) | Zaffirini (D-SD21)

Sponsor: Turner, John

Effective on 9/1/21.

Bill enrolled text.

Bill analysis.

TEC 29.906

§120.3. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Positive Character Traits and Personal Skills, Adopted 2020. (June 2022 Update)

Notes: SB123 authored by Dallas Democrat, Nathan Johnson (SD 16) and co-authored by Laredo Democrat, Judith Zaffirini (SD21) and Burleson Democrat, Beverly Powell (SD10).

Enrolled Text Below:

Bill Analysis:


TEC 29.906:

We have noticed differences in TEC 29.906 which reflects SB123 and the TEKS generated by the TEA. See analysis in below link.

See "Ed Spotlight: TEC 29.906 vs §120.3. TEKS".

We believe that SEL is a blatant violation of parental authority and rights.

See also "Concerning Issues With SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) in Texas".

We believe that SEL is mental health thus falls under the health umbrella thus should fall under the purview of the SHAC (school health advisory council).

See "Sample SEL Legislation".

There was a bill prior to SB123 that ushered in SEL which is HB 1026.

See "HB 1026".

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