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Ed Spotlight: Workforce Pipeline | CTE | Vocational Education

Updated: Apr 12

Texas Parents Lynn Davenport and Meg Bakich on Academic Decline of Texas Students


by Alice Linahan

What Worked Yesterday Won't Work Today to Educate All Students - Doug Loomis


by Anette on Education podcast

"We literally had 100s of interactions across the community, maybe 1000s of interactions across the community looking at business, entrepreneurs, asking the question, "What is missing in Amarillo? What do we need?" Every time it was, "I have no way to grow my workforce". Almost every conversation began that way. And so the question was what could we do? What would you like to see happen in k-12 that would help create this strong workforce? They told us what they needed and what they expected and we've backfilled that and created this unique opportunity called AmTech..." - 15:30, Doug Loomis, Amarillo ISD Superintendent

See "Ed Spotlight: Anette Carlisle".

Smart City or Surveillance City?


by Kate Mason

* See minute 16:00 for workforce, minute 23:00 for blockchain, ledger.

#collegeandcareerready #zerotrust #blockchain #ledger #privatization #stakeholdercapitalism #scary #SDG

How Corporations Use Public School Workforce ‘Pipelines’ to Harvest Students’ Data and Train Narrowly Skilled, Exploitable Staff


by Yves Smith with Naked Capitalism

#123 Schooling The Workforce


by Have Your Heard

Podcast Notes: Vocational education has been rebranded and retooled as career and technical education. But beneath CTE's 21st century veneer lurks an age-old problem: tailoring students' education too closely to the demands of employers may end up limiting their future options, not expanding them.

While corporate influence in CTE has been an ongoing debate, some of the newer worries parents have relate to the pre-emptive and prescriptive nature of advancing data-driven platforms enveloping public education. These increasingly play a role in student tracking and career pathway development. Together with policy initiatives to align the corporate demands for labour with what education supplies can lead to educating and training children in hype-specialised jobs that neither offer personal choice nor long-term security.
"The full breath of education can really be narrowed."

Common Core Education Part 2

By Dr. Peg Luksik


* See minute 44:48 for Career Pathways “School to Work”.

See "Ed Spotlight: Common Core".

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