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Education Spotlight: State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)

Updated: Dec 31

SEL+ESG=Social Credit System

How the Emergence of ESGs & the Imperative to Teach, Score, and Track Social and Emotional Learning is Setting the Stage for a Future Social Credit System


by Lisa Logan

See "Ed Spotlight: SEL".

See "Ed Spotlight: CASEL".

See "Ed Spotlight: ESG".

Radical Education Reform


by Voices Empower

Download PDF • 8.46MB

See "Ed Spotlight: WOIA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)".

See "Education Timeline".

3 Social Emotional Education who determines the "Outcomes"


by J.D. Reeder

Video Notes:

* Interview with Charlie Garza, former Texas SBOE Member.

0:29 Common Core, See "Ed Spotlight: Common Core".

2:00 New Math TEKS | Process Standards, See "Ed Spotlight: Math TEKS".

2:10 Pat Hardy, Texas SBOE member mentioned, See "Ed Spotlight: Pat Hardy".

4:25 Ken Mercer, Texas SBOE member mentioned

7:50 Obama signed EO 12866 changed FERPA, See "Ed Spotlight: FERPA".

8:11 ACT/SAT are now aligned to Common Core, See "Ed Spotlight: Common Core", "Ed Spotlight: ACT | SAT"

9:10 SLDS was created

9:43 Texas Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath recommends SEL., See "Ed Spotlight: Mike Morath".

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