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in god we trust


We want to restore the faith of the youth in our schools, and embolden the resolve of our communities when they see this one simple phrase heralded throughout Texas. We want to help the forlorn and the abandoned, or those who have cast away any hope in life, so that they might see these words and  turn to and pray to God. We want to inspire and encourage those people of faith to fully express their virtuous belief in God without shame. However we need your help to spread the Word and the good news of a great Texas law.


In June, 2021, Texas Education Code 1.004 (SB 797 in 87(R)) was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott. This law requires all public schools, including those of higher education, to prominently display a durable sign of the United States National Motto, "In God We Trust," IF one is donated for display. No public funds are used for the project. Donations by the good citizens of each community are required to accomplish this task throughout our great state of Texas.


We have been given the opportunity and the backing of good law to proudly display "In God We Trust" in all Texas public schools, and the responsibility is on YOU as an individual, organization, or community. Texans Wake Up is leading the charge to ensure EVERY public school campus in the Texas Panhandle (Region 16) has a sign donated.  Join us in spreading the word of God in our community.

PLEASE CALL 806-681-3647 for details on how you or your organization can contribute to the sign donation for your local ISD.


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