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Ed Spotlight: Commit

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Commit Website

Chairman & CEO, Todd Williams

See "Ed Spotlight: Todd Williams"

Board Members

  • Nicole Anderson

  • Daron Babcock

  • Rev. Gerald Britt

  • Alan Cohen

  • Pedro Correa

  • Regen Horchow

  • Robert Kaplan (Holdsworth Board Member)

  • Kevin Malonson

  • Libby McCabe

  • Alfreda Norman

  • Dale Petroskey

  • Matthew Randazzo

  • Jennifer Sampson

  • Florence Shapiro

  • Jeremy Smith

  • Dolores Sosa Green

  • George Tang

  • Florencia Velasco-Fortner

  • Kelvin Walker

  • Ellen Wood

See "Ed Spotlight: Robert Kaplan"

See "Ed Spotlight: Holdsworth Center"

Commit seems to...

  • be pro-assessments

  • be pro-DEI

  • lobby for and be satisfied with the passing of HB3 in 87th

See "Ed Spotlight: Eric Reeves" and his company "Ed Spotlight: Greenlight Credentials".

See "Ed Spotlight: Margaret Spellings", she is President & CEO of "Ed Spotlight: Texas 2036" and board member at "Ed Spotlight: Amplify".

See "Ed Spotlight: Meadows Foundation".

See "SB3 in 87".

See "Ed Spotlight: Teach for America"

Dallas Church "Amplifies" Failed Ed Reform Agenda


by Social Impact Podcast

Commit on LittleSis

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