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Ed Spotlight: Margaret Spellings

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

  • President/CEO of Texas 2036

  • Board Member for Amplify

  • Former Secretary of Education

  • Architect of NCLB

See "Ed Spotlight: Texas 2036"

See "Ed Spotlight: Amplify".

"Margaret Spellings is Exec Director of Texas 2036--an initiative to increase early childhood ed, increased HS grad rates and higher percentage of Texas students who attain a college degree to meet workforce needs of the future, among other goals. She is very connected to the Bush's, served as GWB's U.S. Sec of Education and was responsible for the failed No Child Left Behind policy of the GW Bush administration." - Donna Garner Amplify Review

Dallas Church "Amplifies" Failed Ed Reform Agenda


by Social Impact Podcast

Note: Margaret Spellings was host.

Bridging The Divide

A 5-part lecture series addressing structural divides in America


by Women of St. Michael, Dallas

Margaret Spellings promoting democrat, Todd. Williams.

See "Ed Spotlight: Todd Williams".

Amplify Raises $215 Million in a Growth Funding Round From Learn Capital, A-Street Ventures, and Current Investor Emerson Collective

Business Wire


Board Members per article:

  • Emerson Collective Managing Director and XQ Institute CEO, Russlynn Ali

  • Amplify CEO, Larry Berger

  • Monarch Global Strategies President and CEO, Michael Camunez

  • Emerson Collective Managing Director, Brad Powell

  • Former Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings

  • Learn Capital, Rob Hunter

  • A-Street Ventures, Marc Sternberg

5 Ways Americans Can Challenge Schools' Status Quo Amid the Pandemic:

Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan, Margaret Spellings, Shavar Jeffries &. Bart Epstein on a 'Historic Opportunity'


by T74 Pandemic Interviews

See Arne Duncan of "Ed Spotlight Emerson Collective" (former Sec of Ed to Barack Obama)



Amplifying Profits Selling Harmful Pedagogy

by Thomas Ultican


See "Ed Spotlight: Amplify".

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