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Education Spotlight: Teach for America

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Teach for America Website

Notable TEach for America Texans

  • James Talarico, Texas House of Representative (D)

  • Andrew Hodge, Texas Education Agency

  • Kelvey Oeser, Deputy Commissioner of Educator and System Support at Texas Education Agency


  • Tom Kuo , Great Minds, A-Street

  • Marc Sternberg , Great Minds, A-Street

See "Ed Spotlight: James Talarico".

See "Ed Spotlight: Great Minds".

See "Ed Spotlight: TEA".

See "Ed Spotlight: Kelvey Oeser".

See "Ed Spotlight: Andrew Hodge".

Dallas Church "Amplifies" Failed Ed Reform Agenda


by Social Impact Podcast

TEA Employees Associated With TFA:

Laurene Powell Jobs LittleSis Map

April 28, 2021

See "Education Spotlight: Teach for America".

JP Morgan Chase / Human Capital Investing


Walmart’s Efforts to Privatize Education Evident in Houston


by Sam Oser

The New Patronage: TEA and Teach for America


by Lynn Davenport

See "Education Spotlight: Teach for America".

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