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Education Spotlight: Rhithm

Updated: Jan 5

Rhithm Website

Rhithm is a SEL tool.

Rhithm's Two Founders:

  • Josh Knutson

  • Jake Gannon

Rhithm was bought by Securly in April 2022 which is owned by Golden Gate Capital (2021).

Securly CEO:

  • Bharath Madhusudan

Securly has location in North Carolina, India, Mexico & the UK.

Josh Knutson Twitter:

See "Ed Spotlight: Restorative Discipline/Practices".

Jake Gannon Twitter & Facebook:

Bharath Madhusudan Information:

See "Ed Spotlight: Bharath. Madusudan".

Securly Information:

See former Midland Superintendent "Ed Spotlight: Angelica Ramsey".

Jake Gannon Posts About Rhithm:

See "Ed Spotlight: Screen Time".

Correspondence With A Mental Health Expert


by Remain Unknown

Fort Worth parents push back on app that asks kids to pick an emoji reflecting their moods

The Dallas-based program is among survey-related tools FWISD uses to check in on students’ well-being.


Rhithm App in FWISD 2022 Testimony


by FWISD Concerned Parent

"Using Rhithm rewires your children's brain." - FWISD Concerned Parent Quote (minute 0:37)

Rhithm Data Used To Call CPS In Texas School


by Texas Freedom Coalition

Mental Assessment ‘Rhithm’ Backpedals After LISD letter, Texas Scorecard Article


By Carole Hornsby Haynes

Securly Acquires Rhithm

by Businesswire


See "Ed Spotlight: WSCC (Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child) | Community Schools".

Some Montgomery school parents feel Rhithm app may violate their rights, privacy of children.


by Montgomery Advertiser

Haynes: Public Schools Practice Medicine Without a License


by Texas Scorecard

$4M for Emoji-Based Student Wellness Platform


by David Seeley

*Above from parent on fb about article (not a quote from article itself).

"Parents are asking how are state leaders seeing this data? Who else is the data being shared with? Why do children need to be assessed daily? When did public schools start doing breathing exercises?" - Lewisville Concerned Parent

Emoji Based Mental Health Assessments

Coming to a School District Near You!


by Voices Empower

ISD Admitting ​Rhithm used biopsychosocial assessments, leads to interventions and data can be shared with 3rd parties (if not for marketing)

Download PDF • 210KB

Rhithm admits that they are doing biopsychosocial assessments on the children and define what that means:

Note: They have now changed their marketing materials and excluded that they are performing biopsychosocial assessments.

Rhithm will share your child's data under the guise of any 'educational use' (see FERPA).

See "Ed Spotlight: FERPA".

See "Education Timeline".

Learn more about SEL.

See recommend you opt your child out of all SEL. See OPT OUT.

Texas school districts, see our SEL solutions.

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