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What Is A Good SEL Curriculum?

Updated: Feb 24

There is no good SEL curriculum. Social emotional learning is a communist move by our government to take the place of the family and alter our children's attitudes, values and beliefs to align with the UN SDGs. Plus, there isn't an ISD in Texas that doesn't need to return to a narrow focus on academics via a classical education and stop the data mining of our children by getting off all edtech platforms.


The solution is available to 90% of Texas schools. DOI. A DOI or District of Innovation is available under TEC Chapter 12A. Districts are allowed to apply and exempt themselves from other laws on the books under the guise of 'innovation' (word salad). Never mind the bogus name, just focus on the power of this chapter.

There are only 4 sets of code that are off limits which are listed in Chapter 12A.004 (1-4) PERMISSIBLE EXEMPTIONS. Chapter 29.906 is Character Traits and the requirement for SEL education. Chapter 29 is NOT on the no, no list. A DOI plan can be amended, rescinded or renewed at any time (see Sec. 12A.007; with committee approval) with 2/3 of board in agreement (so 5 out of 7 of the board members).

Every year the legislature takes away more parental rights and increases requirements for Texas educators and schools. A DOI is the way to grab more local control and eliminate all of the massive amounts of fluff that our representatives have ballooned the education code with over the last 25 years.

Now, start thinking about what else you can eliminate.

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