Texans Wake Up 88th Legislative Priorities

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Absolutely No Democrat Committee Chairs

Completely remove sexuality education from government education


Remove the expiration date for sex ed OPT IN

(from Section 7 of 28.004 (i-3) that was in HB1525 in 87R that expires the OPT IN for human sexuality instruction)

Associated bills: SB163 / HB478

Remove the expiration date for Convention of States

Parents are the primary and final authority in all matters and in all decisions concerning their children. All other entities are subordinate (amend TX Constitution)

Schools will be fully transparent with parents regarding everything to which their child is or will be exposed, without exception

Establish consequences for districts & their employees who violate parental rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, Texas Constitution or Texas Law; allow legal remedy. not dependent on completion of local grievance process

Establish parent ombudsmen to protect and enforce parent rights

Return the commission of education to an elected position

Prohibit acceptance of federal funds for purposes that violate Texas law or Texas sovereignty

Make it illegal to treat our children as data or profit centers; it shall be illegal to collect, store, survey, sell, or analyze data related to students and/or families that is not directly related to academic grades/test scores

Repeal the obscenity exemption in the Texas penal code to make it indefensible to make available sexually inappropriate material to minors for any purpose

Only biological sex will be recognized

End taxpayer-funded lobbying & non-profit affiliates

Eliminate STAAR tests and re-establish educators as academic evaluators

Return focus to core subjects (reading, writing, math and science); CRT, [all veins of DEI], SEL, school based health centers, multi-tiered systems of support and any other efforts to establish "whole child" education systems will be prohibited [in curriculum, service provider philosophy, missions, visions, education, and trainings]

Correct failed discipline policies; Replace restorative discipline with consequential discipline. Restore due process protections and the ability to appeal district discipline decisions

Double Texas state-certified educator salaries so that Texas public education teaching positions are the most-sought after in the nation

Remove Districts of Innovations (Chapter12A)

Remove local and emergency certification of educators

Remove district students as possible SHAC members (Sec. 28.004 (d)(4) )

Outlaw gender altering surgeries in Texas

TEA to be audited

SBOE will receive paid staff (2 each) for research

Require all board of trustee meetings to be recorded

Remove the requirement for all curriculum that is submitted to TEA for SBOE recommended selection to have an online version and available braille; These expenses should be covered by the TEA once curriculum is selected by SBOE

Eliminate and prohibit TASB associations

Eliminate and prohibit TLA associations

Annually audit ESCs and make efforts to downsize and eventually eliminate

Criminal punishment for the commission of education if he/she does not run everything through the SBOE for approval

Incentivize purchasing curriculum, programs or other instructional resources from Texas-based companies

Establish training programs for superintendents and principals managed by the SBOE

Make the TEA Do Not Hire registry searchable by school district that made entry

Change the requirements to apply for superintendent positions so that business leaders with the community may apply

Remove the failing grade exemptions from district accountability ratings [and re-calculate grades effected]

Make it illegal for contraceptives, day-after pills, dental dams, sexual events (any event containing drag) to be within an X mile radius of a pre-K-12 public school

Eliminate emergency and local teacher certifications

Create incentives for districts to hire Texas born (1) and Texas educated (2) teachers with Texas values

Health education should teach the value and dignity of life and include a live sonogram showing the developmental stages of a child in the womb

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