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SB1365 in 87(R) Legislative Session

Updated: Jan 17

SB 1365 in 87(R) Legislative Session (2021)

Caption Text: Relating to public school organization, accountability, and fiscal management.

Author: Bettencourt (R)

Coauthor: Campbell(R) | Taylor(R)

Sponsor: Huberty (R) | Dutton (D) | King, Ken (R) | Murphy(R) | Oliverson(R)

Signed by the governor on 06/18/2021 and effective on 9/1/21.

Bill text.

Texas Education Agency's Bogus A-F Rating System

by Lynn Davenport & Mary Lowe


Video Comments: Lynn Davenport and Mary Lowe of Families Engaged spoke before the SBOE after the TEA Commissioner Morath gave his address to the Board.

Actually, I think it was Morath’s fault. Along with Morath, Senator Bettencourt and Rep. Dan Huberty created this faux accountability scam:

“This year (2022), to align with Senate Bill 1365, districts and campuses received an A, B or C rating or were assigned a label of 'Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365', both overall and in each domain. This 'Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365' label was applied when the domain or overall scaled score for a district or campus was less than 70. 42 districts and 564 campuses received this label.”

The word "expire" appears 6 times in SB1365. 5 of the times is when a subsection is set to expire with a date. All dates are September 1, 2027. One date is September 1, 2028.

In the above video, Texas SBOE chair, Kevin Ellis, says that this bill (referring to skipping bad grades ie. 'Not Rated' districts) is set to expire next year (2023). That appears to be FALSE. Excluding D and F districts from district accountability scores will continue through September 2027. The data is skewed.

Excluding D and F districts from district accountability scores will continue through September 2027. District accountability scores are now being skewed.


Texas now has a pass on accountability scores if there is ever another "emergency".

District accountability scores are skewed from 2022 through, at least, 2027.

The Results:

Districts are touting (at a minimum presenting without all of the facts) their scores, when in reality, their failing campuses were excluded from their overall district scores (ie averages).

Example: Imagine a high school student who scored an 80, 54, 65, 92, and 84 on his 6 weeks tests. In a normal world, his grade would be a 75. But using the Bettencourt's SB1365 methodology, the student would receive an 85.











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TEA Commissioner Morath Speaks On Importance of Sen Bettencourt’s SB 1365, House Sponsor Rep. Huberty, To Restore Texas Education System Oversight & Accountability

Senator Paul Bettencourt: District 7 Press Release


Download PDF • 118KB

Texas Education Agency Pauses A-F Ratings For 2020-21 School Year


TEA website

Note: Please note the date of this press release and the date of SB1365.

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