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Ed Spotlight: TEA (Texas Education Agency)

Updated: Jan 2

TEA Commissioner of Education

See "Ed Spotlight: Mike Morath".

  • Kelvey Oeser

  • Jennifer Alexander

  • Lily Laux

  • Ashley Jernigan

  • Alejandro Delgado

  • Mike Meyer

  • Melody Parrish

  • Von Byer

  • John Scott

  • Monica Martinez (Associate Commissioner for Standards and Support Services)

See "Ed Spotlight: Melody Parrish".

See "Ed Spotlight: Monica Martinez".

TEA Organization Chart


Download PDF • 35KB

TEA Phone Numbers

by Texas State Directory

More TEA Phone Numbers

by Department of Information Resources

Broad Academy Fellows Working At TEA

  • Brian Doran

  • Iris Tian

  • Kristen Hole

  • Matt Simcock

See "Ed Spotlight: Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation & Academy"

Teach For America Graduates Working At TEA

See "Ed Spotlight: Teach For America".

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