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Education Spotlight: Charles Butt

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

  • Anti-School Choice/Vouchers

  • Has sponsored LGBT Pride events including "family-friendly all ages' drag show

  • His PAC donates to democrats who were on public education committee.

  • Holdsworth Center trains Texas superintendents, principals, school staff, etc.

See "Education Spotlight: Holdsworth Center".

See "Education Spotlight: Raise Your Hand Texas".

H-E-B's Charles Butt Endorses Democrat for Land Commissioner


by Texas Scorecard

The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action Committee

10/09/2022 Screenshot

by Transparency USA

See "Education Spotlight: James Talarico" (Texas House Democrat).

See "Education Spotlight: Harold Dutton" (Texas House Democrat).

Deep In The Pockets Of Texas

08/2022 (unclear of original air date)

by CNN

Screenshot from video:

See "Education Spotlight: Kel Seliger".

See "Education Spotlight: Richard Weekley".

Meet The Four Billionaires Behind H-E-B Supermarkets, Texas' Largest Private Employer


by Andrea Murphy

Photo credit Forbes / Scott J. Ferrell

Texas Grocery Store Tycoon Sponsors Drag Queen Shows for Kids

Charles Butt has repeatedly worked against parental rights activists.


by Sebastian Castro

HEB Store Sponsors Pride Carnival


H-E-B’s shy billionaire explains why he's donating $100 million to improve Texas schools

Charles Butt, the quiet billionaire and head of H-E-B stores, has spent much of his life — and family fortune — focusing on public education.


by The Dallas Morning News

See "Education Spotlight: Raise Your Hand Texas".

H-E-B Billionaire’s PAC Is Really Mad

H-E-B customers are unwittingly funding radical opposition to commonsense education reform.


by Texas Scorecard

See "Ed Spotlight: AFT"

Maybe They Should Call It the “Superintendent” PAC


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