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Ed Spotlight: Canyon ISD

Updated: Jan 24


Concerning Content

"All Are Welcome" at Canyon ISD

Canyon ISD Gives Assignment, Parent Feels Uncomfortable


Edgenuity Products Enter Canyon ISD

Ed Spotlight: Edgenuity

Ed Spotlight: Lucy Calkins Units of Study

Ed Spotlight: 7 Mindsets which uses the following framework Ed Spotlight: CASEL

Removal of Special Success Program

Sexual Assaults

Cases Suppressed, Investigations Mishandled, Not Being Reported to Local Authorities, Title IX Report Not Filed, etc., Parents Feel Children Are Unsafe

Supporting Radical Organizations

Canyon ISD Checks to ASCA

Ed Spotlight: ASCA (American School Counselors Association)



Board Members Having District Email Addresses

  • Cannot check daily

  • Monitoring

Canyon SHAC (School Health Advisory Council

  • CISD Violates Texas Education Code

Canyon Suicide Prevention Program

tMHFA Public School Mental Health Program is Harmful to Children

A Note To CISD Parents & School Trustees (tMHFA)

tMHFA has been removed. We do not know what the current suicide program being used is.

We suggest opting your child out.

Books - Sexually Explicit IMs

  • CISD Book Permission Process Solutions

  • CISD 2020 Book Permission Process Update

  • CISD 2020 Book Permission Process

  • CHS Freshman Reading Lists 2020 (Canyon ISD)


Canyon ISD Website

Where is the Canyon ISD Library Resource Page? (titles removed)

See these in a different format: Canyon ISD - Every Post on Texans Wake Up Related to Canyon ISD

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