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"All Are Welcome" at Canyon ISD

In the fall of 2022, it was reported that a Canyon Intermediate School librarian was recorded reading the title "All Are Welcome" by Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman. Alexandra Penfold is the author of several books including "Eat, Sleep, Poop". Suzanne Kaufman resides in Seattle and can be found on twitter with pronouns following her name.

Said video was played for children in the morning during their SEL (social emotional learning) time. SEL (or character traits) became further defined in Texas education code during the 87th legislative session in 2021 (see SB123). Last we checked, Canyon ISD uses a mix of the 7 Mindsets SEL curriculum (created by CASEL) and something homegrown by their counselors (refrain from sarcasm here).

Many have discussed that "All Are Welcome" contains text & imagery that could be deemed...

  • as having a LGBT theme (rainbows, rainbow flag alongside national flags including the US flag, same sex partners)

  • as promoting globalism (not American patriotism)

  • as containing non-Christian themes (Muslim child praying on prayer mat)

  • as promoting DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) which many consider a vein of CRT (critical race theory)

  • as inappropriate attire (minor child in her nightgown top and panties showing)

  • as highly controversial considering the current US border issues

Roseanne's Favourite Book: All Are Welcome


by Rev. Pipes

"All Are Welcome" PBS Race & Diversity Book Series from Morgan County Partnership


by Positive Action Angie Hott

LGBTQ book list
Download PDF • 446KB

Amazon Reviews

There has been no response from Canyon ISD to the concerned citizen as far as we know.

Canyon Independent School District (CISD) is in Region 16 of Texas and covers the Amarillo and Canyon, TX, areas in the Texas Panhandle. CISD is under the superintendent supervision of Dr. Daryl Flusche.

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