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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

  • Deuteronomy means 'second law'

  • It is the 5th book of the bible

  • It is the last book in the Torah

  • There are 613 laws in all the books of the Torah

  • Moses dies at the end of the chapter at 120 years old

  • Moses was the author (possibly Joshua wrote last chapters after Moses dies?)

  • Common words - "Remember", "Love", "Don't forget"

  • Themes of blessing and cursing

The two chapters in the bible where the 10 Commandments are communicated?

  • Exodus (God tells Moses the commandments on Mt. Sinai)

  • Deuteronomy (Moses tells the remaining Israelites the commandments prior to stepping into the promised land); Deuteronomy 5

Ch 1-11 Live & Love

Ch 12-26 Laws & Commands

Ch 27-34 Moses says life or death; he doesn't have much faith in the people, Moses dies

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