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Canyon ISD Teachers Recommend Harmful Health Curriculum: McGraw Hill

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

On Monday, May 9th, 2022, Canyon ISD curriculum recommendations were presented by Chris Norton, Director of Innovation & Instruction, to the Canyon ISD Board of Trustees. (aka school board). Mr. Norton included the following health curriculum recommendations by the district (voted on by health teachers; see minute 1:14:00):

Texans Wake Up views both of these curriculums as very harmful for children. In a previous blog named "Canyon ISD Considering Adoption of Harmful Health Curriculum: Quaver Ed", we have already highlighted the harms of Quaver Ed. In this blog, we'd like to highlight just a few reasons why McGraw Hill is an unacceptable option.

Before we continue, we'd like to say that it is a sad state of affairs that we are to the point in which Canyon ISD is recommending harmful curriculum for our children. They never mention any negatives of materials presented. There is no mention of reviews, comparisons, or cost. Our board asks minimal questions and the public is left in the dark. We must all do better!

The purpose of this blog is to show the harms of the McGraw Hill health curriculum.

Summary of Concerns with McGraw Hill Glencoe Health with Human Sexuality, 2023 Alignment (or lack thereof) with Health TEKS (HS I and HS II) and TEC 28.004

General Comments- 1. This curriculum violates the five tenants of the legal requirements for human sexuality instruction in Texas Education Code 28.004.

2. This curriculum adds an extensive amount of content on LGBTQ-related issues, which the SBOE intentionally did NOT include in the Health TEKS.

The TEKS provide the required instruction, and local districts have the authority to add additional topics and content to their local curriculum if the “local community values” determine it necessary. Does Canyon ISD want to add an extensive amount of content on LGBTQ-related issues? Is this what Canyon ISD health teachers are telling us when they recommend this curriculum? Does Canyon ISD realize they are violating education code when they recommend this curriculum? Does the content of this curriculum represent community values? Is anyone concerned about the inaccuracy of the information presented?

"Dental dams are used during oral sex to prevent transmission of any STDs." M6 L1 p.79

"Masturbation means touching one’s own genitals for sexual pleasure. People masturbate to relieve sexual tension and experience sexual activity... Masturbation is a safe and natural way to get to know your body and teach yourself sexual satisfaction." M6 L2 p.86

"Gender dysphoria, nonbinary or gender-nonconforming, transgender, cisgender, intersex, gender creative, gender questioning." M6 L2 p.86

Entire section on gender transition. M6 L2 p.87

This text contains incorrect data, violates Texas law, includes non-required elements, and introduces numerous harmful, biased and or controversial elements. McGraw Hill is not an acceptable solution for Texas children. Please reference the below McGraw Hill Glencoe HEALTH. (HS) summary for a multitude of examples.

McGraw Hill Glencoe HEALTH (HS) Summary
Download PDF • 138KB

McGraw Hill Glencoe TEEN HEALTH (MS) Summary
Download PDF • 154KB

Comparison of GW and MH Curricula
Download PDF • 63KB


McGraw Hill health curriculum is harmful for Texas children and was not recommended by the Texas SBOE. Parents must stay alert because school districts and school boards are not digging in and uncovering the hard facts and presenting them to the community. Apparently, we must do the work for them.

* All information in the article is for parents to understand the curriculum being proposed for their children and falls under Fair Use laws.

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