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Who Can Advise & Defend Me?

Now, more than ever, we receive questions about who can help with issues relating to the public schools system. The options are limited. Many school districts use the strategy of putting firms specializing in education on retainer just so parents cannot utilize their services. There are also other firms such as Walsh & Gallegos that 70% of the schools in Texas use (with our tax dollars) to fight against parents. In this blog, we will add resources for parents and teachers to assist in enforcing your rights whether that be parental or in the workplace.

Subject: Law Office of Stuart Baggish - Attorney Representing Parents Enforcing Their Rights Against Offending School Districts Dear Concerned Parents and Ethical Public School Teachers: Previously, I was in-house corporate general counsel, and despite also being a former attorney at the Texas Education Agency with extensive knowledge about how public schools are supposed to work, I was unable to accept private representation of parents concerned for their children's well-being at school. I am pleased to announce that I am now accepting private clients, including parents wishing to know their rights and wishing to enforce them against offending schools, districts and personnel. Whatever assistance I may have been able to provide you in the past was limited to being a source of information. I am now available to take an active lawyer's role, as both counselor and advocate, experienced in Texas education law and litigation, able to deal with schools and districts to pursue parents' objectives and proper public education. I am experienced in the state educator discipline process, and am available to defend teachers whose rights are violated by schools and/or districts engaging in woke politics in the workplace (i.e., at public schools, where legitimate curriculum should be taught, not Leftist activism), and am available to file complaints against educators holding certificates from the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) who violate the Educators' Code of Ethics, which they must follow at all times. Lastly, I am experienced in public information requests/open records requests (PIR/ORR) matters, and if there is a legal claim to be asserted, I am familiar with how to go about issuing a subpoena compelling production of documents where the public information route has failed. Please let virtuous parents and teachers know. I look forward to hearing from them. Take care and thank you. Sincerely yours, Stuart Baggish (admitted in TX, CA and FL) Law Office of Stuart Baggish 12400 West Highway 71, Suite 350-248 Austin, Texas 78738 Tel: (512) 828-1001 Email:
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