Education Spotlight: Walsh Gallegos

Updated: Sep 8

Walsh Gallegos

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Who is Walsh Gallegos?


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Walsh Gallegos is a law firm deeply entrenched in the Texas education landscape. They are often hired by school districts to fight parents advocating on behalf of their special needs students. Districts use taxpayer dollars to “lawyer up” against parents who demand services under FAPE and IDEA rights. More than 70% of school districts in Texas enlist the help of Walsh Gallegos to skirt legislation and parental rights.

Walsh Gallegos was a primary player in the illegal cap on special education set in 2004. They made a LOT of money defending the 8.5% cap.

Mary Lowe of Families Engaged explained the latest presentation given by Walsh Gallegos to teach districts how to skirt SB3.

August 30, 2022 SBOE Committee of the Full Board.

Walsh Gallegos Instructing Educators How To Sidestep SB3

Link to blog on SB3 from 87(2) in 2021 for your reference.

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Education Spotlight: Restorative Justice / Restorative Discipline

Jim Walsh is the Walsh in Walsh Gallegos. It more than fair to say that he is a fan of restorative discipline.

Example of Walsh powerpoint for educators:

Not So Special Ed


by Texas Monthly

See also Texans for Special Education Reform.

“If you are a school leader, a principal, or a school board member and the only training you get about special-ed law is from the one voice who is also hired by your district to help you not provide services, that’s a conflict of interest,” said Fries. “It also creates a poisoned climate.”

See more on Jim Walsh. Coming soon!

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