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What Parents of Texas Public Education Need To Know

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

  • Checking the district TEA Accountability Rating grade

  • Reviewing STAAR test results for the district and by campus

  • What clubs, organizations, or after-school programs are available for students in the district

  • Be sure to get notified when there are district, public or private school board or SHAC meetings

  • 5 Things Every Texas School Board Should Be Doing

  • Open Meeting Act

  • Robert's Rules of Order

  • A few recommended PIRs to submit to learn more about your district

  • Understanding the SHAC (school health advisory council)

  • Understanding what kind of potentially harmful health services can be in your school

  • Understanding what kind of data sharing agreements your district has made

  • Identifying the discipline philosophy utilized at your district and reviewing the student handbook

  • How to OPT OUT

  • When to not OPT IN

  • Who is the PTA

  • You should be notified when you child's class size exceeds 22 in K-4th

  • Is your district a DOI and, if so, what Texas laws have them exempted themselves from

  • Understanding your child's graduation plan, state required signature, and early graduation

  • You do not have to sign/complete the FASFA

  • Does your district have videos on every school bus, are they recording daily and is anyone monitoring the footage

  • Researching your child's bus driver to educator and ensuring them are not on the TEA Do Not Hire list

  • Does my district pay dues to leftist organizations?

  • Is my superintendent a member of leftist organizations?

  • What actions are available when your rights are violated

  • What steps are required to leave a public school district to home educate

  • Is your district squelching parental rights by implementing our top 'Leftist Moves'

  • Who is my Texas SBOE (State Board of Education) representative

  • What are some of the issues in Texas education that parent groups are most concerned about

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