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Library Resources

  • How can I see examples of harmful books that are in my local library? See our books page.

  • How are obscene, vulgar, pornographic books getting into our schools? Read this.

  • Can you show me examples of how online library tools like GALE and EBSCO that school districts use contain pornographic materials? Sure, example #1 and example #2.

  • Where can I learn more about the harms of online library tools that my tax dollars pay for? Click here.

  • How come some schools have zero pornographic books and others have an excessive amount?

  • Either nobody is paying attention and doing their job

  • or, more probable, you have school leadership that is fine with pornography.

  • Who can remove a "vulgar" book from my child's school library? Your local school staff and board.

  • What triggers the evaluation and removal of a book from my ISD's libraries? You must submit, to the school board, a request for reconsideration of instructional resources form for each book.

  • What is the end goal to remove obscene, vulgar materials from our school libraries?

  • Remove the state Obscenity Exemption (Legislative Action Required)​

  • Redefine Obscene (Legislative Action Required)

  • Elect board members that hire a superintendent that will NOT tolerate pornography in schools (form an action committee or PAC to flip your board with members that have a biblical world view)

  • Ensure strong, gritty, conservative, Christians with a biblical world view are serving as superintendents, SHAC members, sheriff, district attorney, judges and on school boards, library boards and city councils.

Other Resources:

Training: Audit Your Library

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