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'IN GOD WE TRUST' Sign Vendor

In the Texas 87th regular legislative session, SB 797 was passed that allows public schools to have an 'In God We Trust' in each public school district campus. Here is where you can order the sign layout.


Dear Texas Friend, Thank you for contacting us. Detained instructions are on the website, but I’d be happy to talk to you if you need clarification. The drop in poster frames that are offered at every Hobby Lobby in Texas at the greatly reduced cost of $1.50 each, must go through Jason Rapert of Arkansas (he’s a State Senator running for Lt. Governor), and payments for the frames cannot be made over the phone or by mail in check. In other words, after the frames arrive at your designated Hobby Lobby store, and you’ve received confirmation, you will need to pick them up and pay for them in that store. The posters are Texas Law compliant and are shipped directly to you from American Heritage and History Foundation in Arkansas for $.50 each plus shipping. In other words, Texas Edu. Code 1.004 covers every school district and county in Texas but it’s up to our local citizens, clubs, churches or groups to provide for their schools. I was able to take care of the 8 ISDs in my county plus two community colleges pretty easily and without much personal cost as many wanted to donate and help. I do have a 501(c)3 company if it can assist you. Thank you again for your desire to see God welcomed back in our schools. It will help turn the tide of the bad direction our education system is heading. IN GOD WE TRUST Linda Kellogg National Motto Project 979-824-3239


See also "SB 797 in 87(R) Legislative Session".

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