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Education Spotlight: Orange Curriculum

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Orange is a curriculum used by a large number of churches across the US.

What curriculum is your church using?

Orange Curriculum

Image from Orange homepage:

From the Orange website:

Please note that Core Essential Values is a SEL (social emotional learning) curriculum.

See our post on Core Essentials.

Review from Andy Stanley:

From the Orange Homepage:

The Parent Cue

From the Parent Cue website:

2022 Orange Conference Speakers

Preparing Kids to Confront Unbiblical Ideas Within Christianity


by Foundation Worldview

When a National Kid's Ministry Starts Promoting Progressive Ideas (Orange Curriculum)


by Alisa Childers

The House Is On Fire


by TheologyMom

Trouble Seeing Orange

June 12, 2021

by Last Fiddle

Orange Curriculum and Secular Humanism?


by TheologyMom

Is the “Orange” curriculum safe for Sunday School?

June 7, 2017

by Amy Spreeman in Naomi’s Table

See Andy Stanley.

Parents: If your church is “Turning Orange…”


by Berean Research

The Difficult Task of Selecting Curriculum for Children’s Ministry


by Stephen Davis at Stories By Stephen

CASEL Framework for SEL

See similarities in Orange learning elements with SEL competencies (and the fact that a SEL curriculum provider is a Orange 'Strategic Partner'.).

Mark and Avoid: Orange Kids Church Curriculums


Hillside Church Amarillo Website

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