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Ed Spotlight: Leasor Crass, P.C.

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Lessor Crass, P.C. Website

FB Post about Leasor Crass


"Do you know which law firm(s) your school district uses? Some districts have one, others have MANY.
Let me introduce y’all to my personal least favorite firm, Leasor Crass, P.C.. This firm is 100% against parents & taxpayers. They do not advise ISD’s on how to follow the law, they advise them on how to circumvent the law, parents & taxpayers. They like to create havoc in ISD’s so they can get more money. They are bad news. If L&C is in your ISD you must start working to get them out now. Talk to trustees. Start a petition. Research all dealings with the firm & your ISD, then expose them. They are DANGEROUS & must be stopped.
Out of all the ISD’s that I have worked with 2 stick out to me as the most corrupt, the most damaging to children & parents, Godley & Joshua ISD. What do they both have in common? Small, conservative towns with woke ISD’s, parents trying to fight back & Leasor & Crass as their law firm.
Now, I’m getting a front row seat to the destruction, money grubbing, law breaking collusion of L&C in Peaster. Peaster was my paradise that I ran to like I was on fire. Unfortunately I got there too late. L&C had already started their dirty deeds & is now pushing my wonderful Superintendent out. L&C has corrupted the board president, he has sold the whole town out. All of Peaster is going to lose. All. The schools are already changing & it’s not for the good. I’ve lost my paradise school all so L&C can make a quick buck.
For the love of money is the root of all evil ~ 1 Timothy 6:10" - by Peaster ISD Parent

Crass Lawyers And Ungodly Behavior in Texas Education

by Lynn Davenport


Minute 7:45 discusses law firms being used against parents such as Leasor Crass.

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