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Ed Spotlight: John Dewey

When you really learn Marx's political ideology and how his education theories are designed to obtain that political and economic control and desired social transformation, it is striking just how similar they are to the re-imagined progressive society and new type of human being John Dewey believed were desirable. And how both men saw educational practices that minimized the intellect and cultivated the emotional aspects of personality as critical to their social vision. And how both men believed that individuals could only truly exist within the context of a group-through his or her associations and social interactions. Once you delve deeply into John Dewey's writings and how they were used in the 20th Century, it is hard not to see both him and his philosophy of pragmatism in education as useful tools for implementing Marxism in the classroom without it being readily apparent. The hiding in plain sight strategy. The M philosophy without the notorious M label." [1]


Credentialed To Destroy - How and Why Education Became A Weapon; by Robin S. Eubanks

[1] pg

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