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Canyon ISD STAAR Results 2021-2022

Updated: Jan 17

Look at the % that are not even approaching grade level. On average, all subjects, that number is 13% (100-87). We are failing our students.

Randall County, on average for all subjects, only 63% of students are meeting grade level (not mastering grade level, just meeting). We are failing our students.

Only 32% of students in Canyon ISD are mastering their grade level. The goal is 100%.

The district scores are unacceptable, but the state scores are horrific. Texas must return the focus to core subjects (Reading, Writing, Math, and Science ). The Texas Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath, is failing Texas. We must move this office from an appointed position to an elected position so that there is true accountability.

And by the way, you cannot have failing STAAR scores and assign your district an A rating especially after eliminating failing campuses.


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