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Canyon ISD & Amarillo ISD #filthybook Reveal Week #2 2023

Last week we posted our Canyon ISD #filthybook Reveal Week #1 blog. This week, we will post even more of the harmful materials found in Canyon ISD and Amarillo ISD libraries on our Facebook page. Reviews for these titles can be found on the very popular website as well as in the Canyon ISD and Amarillo ISD portals on Texans Wake Up. These titles contain sexually explicit content and racist slurs. Why are these titles available for minors? We are not sure, but they are. Many are available at multiple campuses and including junior highs and even a middle schools.

Please call Superintendent Darryl Flusche (Canyon ISD) and Superintendent Doug Loomis. (Amarillo ISD) if you have questions. We know we do.

Canyon ISD 806-677-2600

Amarillo ISD 806-326-1000


Canyon High School (CISD), Randall High School. (CISD), Caprock High School (AISD)

"He shifted in his pajamas, and the part of him that made him a man stuck out, reddish purple and frightening. She had never seen one before except on a baby. This was different. He lifted her hand to his mouth and licked it. Then he lowered her hand down and closed it around the hardness his hand moved hers. His left hand gripped her shoulder, pressing her head tight agains the hard, flat plane of his stomach. She watched her hand move back and forth like it didn't belong to her....A moment later, the thing leaped. Henry's whole body shuddered, and a hot mess lay across her palm and between her fingers.' - Out of Darkness, pg 68


Canyon High School (CISD), Randall High School. (CISD), Amarillo High School (AISD), Caprock High School (AISD), Palo Duro High School (AISD), Tascosa High School. (AISD)., Travis Middle School (AISD), Austin Middle School (AISD), Crocket Middle School (AISD), Bonham Middle School (AISD), Fannin Middle School (AISD), Houston Middle School (AISD)

"I like girls and their curves. And I really like women and their curvier curves. I spend hours in the bathroom with a magazine that has one thousand pictures of naked movie stars: Naked woman + right hand = happy happy joy joy yep, that's right, I admit that I masturbate, I'm proud of it. I'm good at it. I'm ambidextrous. If there were a Professional Masturbators League, I'd get drafted number one and make millions of dollars. Ad maybe you're thinking, "Well, you really shouldn't be talking about masturbation in public." Well, tough, I'm going to talk about it because EVERYBODY does it. And EVERYBODY likes it. And if God hadn't wanted us to masturbate, then God wouldn't have given us thumbs. So I thank God for my thumbs", - The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, pg 37
"...And, yea, you need to take that seriously, but you should also read and draw because really good books and cartoons give you a boner." "You should get a boner! You have to get a boner!" - The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, pg 118
"Now doesn't that give you a boner?" "I am rock hard," I said Gordy blushed. "Well, I don't mean a boner in the sexual sense," Gordy said. "I don't think you. should run through life with a real erect pen*s...." - The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, pg 120
What are you looking at?" she asks me. "I'm looking at an anorexic," I say. A really HOT anorexic, I want to add, but I don't. "I'm not anorexic," she says. "I'm bulimic." ...They have their own fricking Web sites where they give advice on the best laxatives and stuff. "What's the difference between bulimics and anorexics?" I ask. "Anorexics are anorexics all the time," she says. "I'm only bulimic when I'm throwing up." - The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, pg 131
"Kid, if you get my daughter pregnant, if you make some charcoal babies, I'm going to disown her..." - The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, pg 135
"I imagined that Earl said his daughter could go only if Roger got his hands into her panties instead of me." - The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, pg 153

Amarillo ISD has 25 copies of the "The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" plus an electronic copy.

available at

Canyon High School (CISD)
"The Bible teaches you to hate gay people," Shane had stated once-so matter-of-factly, you'd have thought he'd read it out of a textbook or a dictionary. "So why the hell would you believe that sh*t?" - Neanderthal Opens The Door To The Universe, pg 59
"Or he'd grind Noah's bones to make his masturbation lubricant." - Neanderthal Opens The Door To The Universe, pg 78
"You should go kill yourself like your dumb-ass brother."...You should go kill yourself like your dumb-ass brother." - Neanderthal Opens The Door To The Universe, pg 81
"Most people don't try to be racist. It's preprogrammed in our culture..." - Neanderthal Opens The Door To The Universe, pg 88
“No,” said Zeke. “I masturbated to your family vacation pictures. You were wearing a red swimsuit with white polka dots.” “How many times did you masturbate to those pictures?” “Nineteen. Nineteen times.” “Christ on a Triscuit!” I said. “Nineteen times.” Esther shook her head, tsk-tsking. She whipped him again.“Ohhhhh,” said Zeke. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” There wasn’t an inch of his body that wasn’t totally enjoying this. “Tell me what you want,” said Esther. “I want your body,” said Zeke. Esther whipped him again. Zeke howled so loud, I felt embarrassed for everyone in the neighborhood. “Well, you can’t have it,” she said. “My body is a temple.”Again with the whip. “AHHHHHHHHHH.” “Judas Priest!” said Mr. Gibson from his far corner of the computer lab. “What the heck are you boys watching?” - Neanderthal Opens The Door To The Universe, pg 292

Notes: ...So, just to recap from the last quote, HAL gave us a Puritan-style dominatrix-BDSM pseudo-porno starring Esther Poulson and Zeke Gllagher.; AISD has another title by this author.

Profanity Count for Neanderthal Opens The Door:

That is a total of 406 profane words.


Canyon High School (CISD), Randall High School. (CISD), Amarillo High School (AISD), Caprock High School (AISD), Palo Duro High School (AISD), Tascosa High School (AISD)

“"Take off your clothes.""What?""Take your clothes off," Mr. Harvey said. "I want to check that you're still a virgin." "I am, Mr. Harvey," I said. "I want to make sure. Your parents will thank me." "My parents?""They only want good girls," he said. "Mr. Harvey," I said, "please let me leave." "You aren't leaving, Susie. You're mine now." ...I fought hard. I fought as hard as I could not to let Mr. Harvey hurt me, but my hard-as-I-could was not hard enough, not even close, and I was soon lying down on the ground, in the ground, with him on top of me panting and sweating, having lost his glasses in the struggle....I thought it was the worst thing in the world to be lying flat on my back with a sweating man on top of me. To be trapped inside the earth and have no one know where I was. ...Mr. Harvey started to press his lips against mine. They were blubbery and wet and I wanted to scream but I was too afraid and too exhausted from the fight. I had been kissed once by someone I liked. His name was Ray and he was Indian. ...He kissed me by my locker the day before we turned in our photos for the yearbook. ..."Don't, Mr. Harvey," I managed, and I kept saying that one word a lot. Don't. And I said please a lot too. Franny told me that almost everyone begged "please" before dying. "I want you, Susie," he said. "Please," I said. "Don't," I said. Sometimes I combined them. "Please don't" or "Don't please." It was like insisting that a key works when it doesn't or yelling "I've got it, I've got it, I've got it" as a softball goes sailing over you into the stands. "Please don't." But he grew tired of hearing me plead. He reached into the pocket of my parka and balled up the hat my mother had made me, smashing it into my mouth. The only sound I made after that was the weak tinkling of bells. As he kissed his wet lips down my face and neck and then began to shove his hands up under my shirt, I wept. I began to leave my body; I began to inhabit the air and the silence. I wept and struggled so I would not feel. He ripped open my pants, not having found the invisible zipper my mother had artfully sewn into their side. "Big white panties," he said. I felt huge and bloated. I felt like a sea in which he stood and pissed and shat. I felt the corners of my body were turning in on themselves and out, like in cat's cradle, which I played with Lindsey just to make her happy. He started working himself over me "Susie! Susie!" I heard my mother calling. "Dinner is ready." He was inside me. He was grunting. "We're having string beans and lamb."......... We lay there with our bodies touching, and, as I shook, a powerful knowledge took hold. He had done this thing to me and I had lived.” - The Lovely Bones, pg 13
“It was not so much, she would write in her journal, that she wanted to have sex with women, but that she wanted to disappear inside of them forever.” - The Lovely Bones, pg 105
"How did your wife die?" my mother asked. "Suicide.- The Lovely Bones, pg 130
"I want you to make love to me." His lips parted to speak, but what was on his lips now was too strange to say out loud. He brushed my nipple with his thumb, and I pulled his head toward me. We kissed. The water came down between our bodies and wet the sparse hair along his chest and stomach. I kissed him because I wanted to see Ruth and I wanted to see Holly and I wanted to know if they could see me. In the shower I could cry and Ray could kiss my tears, never knowing exactly why I shed them. I touched every part of him and held it in my hands. I cupped his elbow in my palm. I dragged his pubic hair out straight between my fingers. I held that part of him that Mr. Harvey had forced inside me.” - The Lovely Bones, pg 267

The Lovely Bones was reviewed by the Canyon IRC (book review committee) and found unacceptable to be on any classroom list. When CISD passed EFB(local) and removed a few books entirely from the library/school in fall of 2022, this title was not on the removal list and is still available in 2 libraries.

available at

Canyon High School (CISD), Palo Duro High School (AISD)

"I spend my nights drawing commissions for horny suburban fanboys with money to waste-too-thin elves facing off against tentacled monsters, custom Sailor Scouts, coy anime girls frolicking at the beach, well-endowed geishas undressing in dimly-lit rooms. "So?" Kris says. He tips his glass back and shakes an ice cube into his mouth. "The one at the bar? I don't think so." "A f*ck's a f*ck." He holds the ice cube between his teeth and talks around it. "Emily's getting laid. Why shouldn't you?" "Shut up." I wish I had bought another beer so that I'd have something to hold onto, so that the cold of it could take my mind off the ache in my stomach." - Marriage of a Thousand Lies, pg 6
“She pulls her shirt off, unbuckles her bra and walks towards me. She takes my hands and puts them on her chest. I run my thumbs over her puckered nipples. She makes me sit on the bed and straddles my lap. ”It’s not really cheating if you’re not really married,” she says. Her thighs press against my jeans. She puts her nipple in my mouth and rubs herself off on my leg. I have a tampon in, just in case…… I suck on her nipple and scratch down her back. She bites my neck. I reach down and finger her and let her ride me.” - Marriage of a Thousand Lies, pg 200
“When she comes she bites so hard she draws blood. Afterward, we lie on her bed–the same bed we bounced on as kids …” - Marriage of a Thousand Lies, pg 200

Note: The author considers herself "genderqueer", likes "Black Lives Matter" and wants her "land back". AISD has another title by her.

Word Count

35- f*ck

1- dick

4- ass

1- b*tch

3- sh*t

3- Jesus (in vain)

16- god (Hindu goddess, other gods)

7- sex (including bisexual)

3- pregnant

7- lesbian

2- dyke

2- trans (trans or transvestite)

4- queer

1- horny

2- demon

3- nipple

2- breast

1- boobs

3- tampon

1- condom

4- naked

30- bar (bar or barstool)

1- geisha

1- weed (like pot)

14- drunk (drunken)

28- beer

9- whisky

2- wine

1- vodka

1- pissed

5- bra

44- kiss


Canyon High School (CISD), Randall High School. (CISD), West Plains High School (CISD, Canyon Jr High School (CISD), Amarillo High School (AISD), Caprock High School (AISD), Palo Duro High School (AISD), Tascosa High School. (AISD)., Fannin Middle School (AISD)

"Last year, during youth Bible study, he wasn't so strict. He talked to us in his soft West Indian accent, coaxing us toward the light. Or maybe I just didn't notice his strictness because the older kids were always telling jokes, or asking the important questions we really wanted to know the answers to: "Why should we wait for marriage ?" "What if we want to smoke weed?” "Is masturbation a sin?” - The Poet X, pg 25
"Mami put her hand out but didn't take them. Instead she backhanded me so quick she cut open my lip. “Good girls don’t wear tampones. Are you still a virgin? Are you having relations?” I didn’t know how to answer her, I could only cry. She shook her head and told me to skip church that day. Threw away the box of tampons, saying they were for cueros. That she would buy me pads. Said eleven was too young. That she would pray on my behalf. I didn’t understand what she was saying. But I stopped crying. I licked at my split lip. I prayed for the bleeding to stop." - The Poet X, pg 40
"In bed at night my fingers search a heat I have no name for. Sliding into a center, finding a hidden core, or stem, or maybe the root. I’m learning to caress and breathe at the same time. How to be silent and feel something grow inside me. And when it all builds up, I sink into my mattress. I feel such release. Such a relief. I feel such a shame settle like a blanket covering me head to toe. To make myself feel this way is a dirty thing, right? Then why does it feel so good?" - The Poet X, pg 130
"We have to stop. Because now we're lying on the couch and him on top of me. And his kisses feel so good, everything feels so good. But I also feel him pressed against me. The part of him that's hard. That’s still an unanswered question I don't have a response for. And when his hand brushes my thigh and then moves up— I know why island people cliff dive. Why they jump to feel free, to fly, and how they must panic for a moment when the ocean rushes toward them. I stop his hand. I pull my face from his kiss. He is breathing hard. He is still kissing me hard. He is still bumping up against me. Hard. "We have to stop." - The Poet X, pg 326


  • There are 21 copies of The Poet X at Amarillo ISD plus an electronic copy per the AISD portal.

  • TLRN aka The Leader Readers Network, based in Canyon, Tx, and funded by the Amarillo Area Foundation, has been documented handing out this title. See 'Ed Spotlight: The Leader Reader's Network'.

Canyon ISD


A few Canyon ISD Board Candidates

Amarillo ISD


A few Amarillo ISD Board Candidates

Our libraries are full of hundreds of similar harmful materials. These are NOT single instances. Please meet with the superintendent and trustee members and help us remove these books. They are aware these titles are in their libraries.

See Canyon ISD & Amarillo ISD #filthybook Reveal Week #1 2023

"You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness."

1 Thessalonians 5:5

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