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Questions To Ask A School Board Candidate

Updated: Jan 22

How do you expect to ensure you are fully aware of issues and problems affecting your district?

Would you be open to quarterly town hall meetings so that the public has more time to ask you questions and address concerns?

Will you put your personal email address on the school website so that you can check your anytime and to ensure it is not monitored by anyone else?

What ideas do you have to improve the services surrounding special needs children in the district?

How many school board meetings have you attended in the last 18 months?

Where do you go to church and how frequently?

Do you have children in the district?

What is your stance on DEI/implicit bias in schools?

Can you describe, in detail, the application of Restorative Justice/Restorative Discipline Practice/Restorative Circles? How do school resource officers use this? Do you think that incidents that occur in a school should NOT be reported which, if they occurred outside of school, would be?

Share an example you had to make a decision to go against the grain and how if affected you.

How do you feel about TEA?

Do you know who created SEL?

Are you aware of the additional names for SEL?

Who benefits from the data collection on each edtech program in schools?

How do you feel about using tax payers dollars to purchase sexually explicit materials?

Will you vote in fully discuss and vote in open session?

Traditionally, a school board votes unanimously as a TEAM of 8. Are you aware how this manipulation skews and undermines representative government? Decisions are made behind closed doors and the Superintendent drives the votes. How will you combat this?

Will you ensure that all financial data to be board approved is posted online when the board agenda is posted so that the community has time to preview it?

Will you ensure that the financial data includes the check register (listing of individual checks written including to, date, amount)?

What are your top personal objectives for your school board?

How do you feel about sexuality education? Do you believe it should be taught in schools or this is something that should be taught by the family unit?

Do you consider yourself a fiscal conservative?

Have you ever owned a small business?

Have you ever had to fire anyone?

Have you ever filed bankruptcy?

Have you taken the time to familiarize yourself with the Texas Education Code? If so, what is the most interesting chapter to you?

How do you feel about your district funding radical organizations with county tax dollars (TLA, ASCA, TASB)?

Will you be willing to seek out conservative options for your school board trainings?

How do you feel about transparency when it comes to sexual assaults in our district?

Do you believe that STAAR test results and the District Accountability Score are how we should judge a superintendent's performance?

How do you feel about children OPTING OUT of the STAAR?

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