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Updated: Sep 11, 2022

What are the main 3 places traveled to / from in the book of Numbers?

  1. Mt. Sinai

  2. Wilderness of Paran

  3. Plains of Moab

Who Dies In Numbers?

  • Aaron (Ch20,33)

  • Miriam (Ch12)

  • Korah

  • An Israelite and a Midianite woman (Ch25)

  • A LOT of other people

* Moses, Aaron and Miriam are all siblings.

* Moses does die on the Plains of Moab (before Israel entered the Promise Land), but we don't read about it until Deuteronomy 34:5-6

Chosen to Lead:

  • Phinehas (Aaron's grandson which would make him Moses' nephew)

God Lays Out How HE Feels About Sexual Immorality:

In Numbers 25, Moses is telling the Israelite men to stop sleeping around with the Midianite women, when a complete (Israelite) moron traipses through the crowd with a Midianite woman on his arm and they slip into a tent. Aaron's grandson Phinehas sees this, follows them in, and skewers them with a spear... in the middle of the sex. God responds by giving Phinehas and his descendants an eternal priesthood for being so zealous for the Lord. Our sexual faithfulness really matters to God.

Spies Allowed to Live:

  • Joshua

  • Caleb

Interesting Miracles:

  • Ground opens up and swallows Korah & friends

  • Aaron's staff sprouts (Ch17-18)

  • Donkey speaks

  • Balaam (sorcerer) cannot (is not able to). curse God's people

People are counted? Twice

Craziest thing in the book of Numbers? Personal opinion, but when snakes attack and the Israelites are saved by bowing to a snake on a pole (representing Christ on the cross).

What is the "Promised Land"? It was the land of Caanan which is roughy present day Israel.

Above Map Source Notice in above map, the Levites receive no land. It is because they are the priests for the Lord and when the people tithe, they are to receive a portion of that to take care of them.

What else is a main theme of the book of Numbers?

  • Complaining, lots and lots of complaining by the Israelites!!!!!!

12 Tribes

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