HB 338 in 88(R) Legislative Session

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HB 338 in 88(R) Legislative Session

Bill: HB 338

Legislative Session: 88(R)

Caption Text: Relating to content ratings for books and other written materials used in public schools.

Author: Oliverson (Tom HD130)

Filed 11/14/2022

Bill introduced.


Why are we giving "depictions of sexuality" to grades 9-12?


Why are we giving "frightening or violent themes" of any kind ok for 7 year olds. You realize a seven year old is either 1st or 2nd grade. If you leave this, books like, 'The Witches' will be "BK-Y7".


Why don't we have harsher punishments for book vendors that do not comply? We should fine them a monetary amount. One of our biggest complaints about the education code is that there are no teeth in anything. We need harsh punishments if you don't tow the line to protect children.


The G, PG, R is copyrighted so this bill could be infringing upon that.

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