Education Spotlight: SB11 in 86R

Updated: Sep 4

SB 11 in 86R

Caption Text: Relating to policies, procedures, and measures for school safety and mental health promotion in public schools and the creation of the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium.

Author: Taylor

Coauthor: Bettencourt | Creighton | Huffman | Lucio | Miles | Perry | Powell | Watson | West

Sponsor: Bonnen, Greg | Huberty | Metcalf | Thierry | Price(R)

Cosponsor: Allison | Bell, Keith | Button | Harris | Lambert | Middleton(R) | Toth(R)

Bill text.

Bill signed by the Governor 6/16/2019 and effective immediately.

Screenshot from SB11 pointing out the addition of suicide prevention/mental health curriculum:

Alice Linahan on Mental Health in the Classroom; You Children’s #1 Threat


See minute 27:38 on SB11.

Pure Corruption in the Texas House SB11 and SB10


Stop the intrusive Mental Health Legislation #SB10 and #SB11


What Caused The Uptick In Mental Health Issues In Students?


Senate Opposition to SB11


Texas SB11 Omnibus School Safety Bill


* All information in the article is for parents to understand practices, philosophies, resources (and their effects), curriculum, and testing for their children and falls under Fair Use laws.

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