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Education Spotlight: La Joya ISD

Current La Joya Superintendent: Dr. Gisela Saenz

Past Superintendent: Alda Benavides

Governor Abbott Announces Over $316,000 JET Grant To La Joya ISD


by Office of the Texas Governor

Penitas mayor convicted of defrauding La Joya school district


by US Department of Justice

More Trouble Ahead for South Texas School District Rife With Corruption

With federal and state authorities scrutinizing La Joya ISD, it’s likely the board will order special elections for the two seats left vacant by corruption convictions.


by Erin Anderson

La Joya ISD official convicted in bribery scheme


by KRGV Digital

Over $20 Million Dollars Later, La Joya ISD Waterpark Opens

La Joya ISD’s Superintendent celebrated the district’s opening of a $20 million waterpark.


by Austin Goss

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