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Canyon ISD On-boards District for Vaccine Passports

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at least some of the Senior parents at Canyon High School in Canyon, TX, (Region 16) received an email informing them that the district had "signed up with GreenLight Credentials to give your child access to their high school transcripts 24x7". Upon visiting the GreenLight website, we learned that GreenLight is a "leading blockchain provider of vital lifelong verifiable records serving K12, institutes of higher learning, and employers". This technology enables alarming possibilities for use in social engineering and government control over individuals. It's an easy next step to implementing vaccine passports.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology best known as the underpinning of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It is a type of shared, distributed ledger technology (DLT) that uses an agreed upon and encrypted process to ensure that the information on the ledger is tamper proof and that the data on the blockchain can be trusted even without centralized, third-party validation.

About GreenLight

On their "About" page, GreenLight tells us they desire ".... to bring about a more equitable world by creating solutions with the use of new technology" by "utilizing blockchain technology to decentralize educational, professional, and healthcare records".

In one of the help videos sent to the parents and students, GreenLight points out how a student's immunization records can be uploaded to their blockchain locker in the cloud.

How Does It Work?

Once the locker account is activated, additional data may be uploaded to the account , such as proof of the Meningitis vaccine that is required for college admission (unless you simply opt out based on religious reasons), testing scores, resumes, or any other documents that you'd like to submit to colleges or future employers. The idea is to streamline the flow of data from K-12 institutions to higher learning institutions and/or future employers.


Parents or students over the age of 18 may sign the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) waiver in order to access their transcripts in their blockchain GreenLight locker account. FERPA protects a student's personally identifiable information, including the student's educational records. An exception to FERPA is disclosure to authorized vendors performing an educational service to the educational agency under a contract. This exception is extremely important. It allows your public, government ISD to upload your child's data "to the blockchain cloud" without anyone's permission.

"An exception to FERPA is disclosure to authorized vendors performing an educational service to the educational agency under a contract."

This raises a lot of questions for parents. Who made this decision? Is the data secure? What if you don't want the data to be in the cloud? Will my child only be able to access their transcripts via GreenLight's blockchain locker moving forward? Other Texas districts such as Coppell ISD are clearly stating that the district no longer stores transcripts at the school. They are only available online via Parchment, which is another online stakeholder of academic credentials.

Receiving The Data

On the receiving end, we have local institutions such as Amarillo College that have already signed on with GreenLight, as well. AC's president, Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart "has made a two-year commitment to invest in covering access to technologies and tools to support this goal for all 59 of the school districts in Region 16" per the press release dated August 10, 2021 which does specifically list "immunizations". Numerous other colleges and universities across Texas and the U.S. have also joined the GreenLight Network.

Sounding The Alarm

Texas mother and activist, Lynn Davenport is sounding the alarm about the harms of blockchain. She is asking hard questions and points out that there is no informed consent. Davenport says, "the threat is about what they could require of the public once everything is online. This gives the government room to control us if we do or even do not participate. We must explore the unintended consequences". Davenport points out that this is the centralization of data and the removal of power from parents and students. Once the data is online, it is never secure. GreenLight also has software named "Vital Signs 6" which tracks mental health components.

Blockchain is being pushed at much higher levels by groups like the very liberal ACE (American Council on Education). ACE, funded by the federal Department of Education, produced "CONNECTED IMPACT Unlocking Education and Workforce Opportunity Through Blockchain" which "will force us to reconsider our role as the sole owners of student records". Our children's data is now a commodity.


Our government will not need to come out with an official immunization passport system. It has already been created within the public school system via integration of a child's accumulated data history into blockchain technology. At some point, if you want access to university admissions or certain job opportunities, you will have to access and show your passport credentials, which translates to playing the blockchain game.

passport : noun - a thing that ensures admission to or the achievement of something

Dr. Daryl Flusche is the Superintendent of Canyon ISD, which touches both Canyon and Amarillo, TX. Dr. Flusche and the current Canyon ISD Board of Trustees have fast-tracked children to an online digital id system, which sets the stage for not just vaccine passports, but the tracking of all sort of health-related data with the GreenLight agreement.

Saturday, May 7th is election day for Canyon ISD Board of Trustees Place 1 seat. Please vote for the non-incumbent, Paul Blake.

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