Our children are being sexualized and politically indoctrinated in public schools via

  • library  resources

  • sexuality education

  • mental health programs

Library resources

  • How can I see examples of harmful books that are in my local library? See our books page.

  • How are obscene, vulgar, pornographic books getting into our schools?  Read this.

  • Can you show me examples of how online library tools like GALE and EBSCO that school districts use contain pornographic materials? Sure, example #1 and example #2.

  • Where can I learn more about the harms of online library tools that my tax dollars pay for? Click here.

  • How come some schools have zero pornographic books and others have an excessive amount? 

    • Either nobody is paying attention and doing their job

    • or, more probable, you have school leadership that is fine with pornography. 

  • Who can remove a "vulgar" book from my child's school library?  Your local school staff and board.

  • What triggers the evaluation and removal of a book from my ISD's libraries?  You must submit, to the school board, a request for reconsideration of instructional resources form for each book.

  • What is the end goal to remove obscene, vulgar materials from our school libraries?

    • Remove the state Obscenity Exemption (Legislative Action Required)​

    • Redefine Obscene (Legislative Action Required)

    • Elect board members that hire a superintendent that will NOT tolerate pornography in schools (form an action committee or PAC to flip your board with members that have a biblical world view)

    • Ensure strong, gritty, conservative, Christians with a biblical world view are serving as superintendents, SHAC members, sheriff, district attorney, judges and on school boards, library boards and city councils. 


Sexual education

Comprehensive sexual education (CSE) and LGBT ideology is being pushed in Texas public schools to children as young as four years of age.  We know that this type of education is part of an agenda meant to impart a worldview opposed to traditional morality and Biblical values, with the goal of transforming society.

There are others that have come before me that have thoroughly detailed the attack on our children. 

1) Visit www.stopcse.com


2) Visit www.concernedparentsoftexas.com

These two sites provide a plethora of information, tools, and public advocacy needed to wrap your mind around what is going on in our nation.  They outline how to protect children from sexualization and indoctrination in Texas schools, while helping parents safeguard their family values.  Once you've consumed all the information on these two sites, you should instantly...


1) Find the sex education program your child's school uses (it should be on the district website).


2) Use the CSE Harmful Analysis Tool, and review the 15 point harm analysis for your program and read why each point is so dangerous.

3) Watch 'CSE: The Bad, The Worse & The Really Ugly!'  

3) Download our Sex Ed Rank Chart (Coming Soon!)

4) Visit our ACT NOW page and take action.

* See Resources page for CISD programs.

mental health programs

Funding for transgender advocacy groups that target public schools is enormous. A large number of LGBT activist organizations are introducing transgender ideas into K-12 classrooms via teacher traInings, anti-bullying initiatives, mental health programs, and student clubs. 

We suggest that you download and read the both documents below:

  1. Responding to the Transgender Issue - PARENT RESOURCE GUIDE

  2. Navigating the Transgender Landscape - SCHOOL RESOURCE GUIDE

A new harmful agenda that is being pushed is 'Critical Race Theory'.  This racist ideology is many times brought into schools under the umbrella of social emotional learning (SEL).

Next, visit our ACT NOW page and opt out of all programs. Finally, visit our Resources/Links page.


The list of programs that we deem harmful:


Texans Wake Up was started by a mother of two in the Texas Panhandle. She was alerted to what her child's class was reading in her local, public school when a community member made a post in a popular social media group. Clearly seeing the line in the sand separating what is right or wrong for her children, this mom was willing to speak the truth and protect all children, every last one.  Based on conservative, Christian values, Texans Wake Up continues to alert parents to the dangers facing the body of Christ in public (government) schools.

With the reorganization of this entity in early 2022, Texans Wake Up now has joined forces with local, state, and national groups to continue the fight to protect children. The focus will stay local, but will expand into working with legislators to pass laws in Texas. 

Texans Wake Up has a growing number of followers concerned about what is happening in public education. Reach out below to join our newsletter or fill out the contact form to keep us informed about harmful curriculum, programs, or instructional resources in your child's school.    

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