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Texans Wake Up was started by a mother of two in the Texas Panhandle. She was alerted to what her child's class was reading in her local, public school when a community member made a post in a popular social media group. Clearly seeing the line in the sand separating what is right or wrong for her children, this mom was willing to speak the truth and protect all children, every last one.  Based on conservative, Christian values, Texans Wake Up continues to alert parents to the dangers facing the body of Christ in public (government) schools. 

Texans Wake Up has a growing number of followers concerned about what is happening in public education. Reach out below to join our newsletter or fill out the contact form to keep us informed about harmful curriculum, programs, or instructional resources in your child's school.    

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"I hate rude behavior in a man. I won't tolerate it.”

- Captain Woodrow F. Call, Lonesome Dove

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