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by Samantha Markum (announces pronouns on twitter bio)


  • Profanity
  • Underage Drinking/Smoking
  • Same sex attractions/LGBT
  • Adultry ending in a pregnancy
  • Heavy Making Out


"She's wearing an oversized tie-dyed T-shirt that says CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL on the front and a pair of tattered jean shorts...." - You Wouldn't Dare, pg 7


"Tallulah smirks. "Rich white women doing rich white women shit." - You Wouldn't Dare, pg 78


"She broke up with him after Valentine's Day deciding he was too immature, almost directly after they slept together for the first time. Despite the breakup, she says it was pretty romantic-- that he brought freshly cleaned blankets to cover his truck bed and he was really sweet to her." - You Wouldn't Dare, pg 89


"Tallulah takes a long drag of her cigarette, as if every word out of my mouth pains her. She turns to face me like her bones are rusted gears grinding together as she moves. Juniper Nash," she says slowly her voice low, "I have tried to be patient with you. I have given you plenty of chances to not be so fucking far removed from reality. Sloan was not my friend. We weren't besties. She was my fucking girlfriend." - You Wouldn't Dare, pg 115


"My brain is a hetero-normative black hole. And I don't have the excuse of not knowing any better one of my best friends is bi and my godmother is a lesbian. I mean, we're literally on the front porch of a queer couple's house right now."- You Wouldn't Dare, pg 257


Word Count

26- fuck

8- dick

21- ass

24- shit

7- Jesus

40- god

2- damn

4- sex

3- pregnant

1- queer

1- lesbian

8- demon

3- perv (or pervert)

2- bra

1- boob

7- drunk

20- beer

3- wine

3- pissed

86- kiss



You Wouldn't Dare

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