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“Welcome to St. Hell: My Trans Teen Misadventure”. This book contains the following Harmful Elements:

  • Sexualizes Children
  • Teaches Children To Consent To Sex
  • Promotes Homosexual/BiSexual Behavior
  • Fails To Establish Abstinence As The Expected Standard
  • Promotes Transgender Ideology
  • Undermines Traditional Values & Beliefs
  • Undermines Parents or Parental Rights
  • Refers Children To Harmful Resources
  • Contains Mental Health Topics such as suicide
  • Contains Political Agendas
  • Paints Christianity In A Negative Light


To be a little more specific….

It includes underage drinking and drug usage, profanity, nudity, cross-dressing, puberty blockers, introduces terms like “packer” and “breast binder”, normalization of suicide, pornography, transgenderism – let me repeat that it ‘normalizes transgenderism’.


The sexually explicit images include full frontal female breasts, full frontal of a female after having her breasts surgically removed aka top surgery, a female partial pubic region, a female full buttock.

Welcome to St. Hell: My Trans Teen Misadventure

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