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by Nyani Nkrumah


  • sexual violence
  • child molestation


Word Count

3- ass

3- bitch

2- shit

52- nigger

4- damn

6- sex

3- pregnant

2- whore

3- breast

6- naked

1- pot (smoking pot)

11- drunk

3- beer

8- wine

1- liquor

2- virgin

18- kiss

3- slut


"She had seen Edgar's thing at school. All the girls in first grade played Show Me: they would run to a boy, tag him, and say, "Show me.' Then the boy would meet the girl behind the school fence and take out his thing and, after she took a look, she would pull down her pants and underwear Sometimes they made a deal to pull down their underwear at the same time. She had seen seven so far, and they all looked like the baby grass snakes she was used to, only smaller and pink. Each time she had said yuck in real revulsion and then pulled down her underwear for them to see how much prettier and tidier she was. She had been disappointed by their reaction so far. They hadn't seemed impressed, and James had looked and looked and finally asked, "Where is it?" - Wade In The Waters, pg 36


She chased him. He was fast, but he was smaller and much skinnier than she was. She caught up to him and pushed him to the ground. Sat on his stomach and pushed those shorts down. Curly didn't struggle, didn't make a sound. Just looked like he had given up, starting helplessly at her with those huge eyes in his tiny face. She pulled on the elastic of his underwear and stared. She was disappointed he wasn't two colors. His thing was just like the rest of him. She got off as he struggled to pull his shorts back up. "Now I have to show you mine, and it's much better than yours," she said, and she pulled her pants down, and just as she started to pull down her underwear, she felt herself yanked with such force off the ground that it felt like she was flying ground that it felt like she was flying ten feet high in the air, and before she could say a word, her left eardrum went dead from the sound that her father emitted..." - Wade In The Waters, pg 38


"She was just like Daddy--she hated those niggers so much she wanted to spit when she saw one . . . and she couldn't go near a church without getting angry."- Wade In The Waters, pg 50

So I added, with some venom, "Leroy tries to touch me all the time."- Wade In The Waters, pg 64


"Luke had kissed me and it was pretty horrible. Then he put his hand up my underwear and took them down and then he got me on the floor and lay on top of me and rocked back and forth, and after a while, he got up and though I wasn't sure what exactly had happened, he said, okay, that was it."- Wade In The Waters, pg 170


"A day later when Leroy put his hands on me, I slapped them away hard. When his shocked eyes met mine, my black-brown eyes stared brazenly back. He grabbed the back of my braids and yanked my head back till I thought it was about to break, but then I kicked out of him. He slapped me and put me in a headlock, bending me half over." - Wade In The Waters, pg 170


"You've had a shock, Ella. Lie still for a while. You're not pregnant. ....Tears of relief flowed down my face. I was still crying when the doctor returned with a glass of water. "How old are you, Ella?" "Twelve," I mumbled. "Have you had your monthly visitor?" I shook my head slowly, no."- Wade In The Waters, pg 176


"Well, have you had sex?" he asked gently. I nodded. "You have?" I muttered, "Only once. And he never even took his thing out of his pants. He said it was a different way of doing it."- Wade In The Waters, pg 177


Wade in the Water

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