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Book excerpts with short reviews, some including word counts or red flag alerts and recommendations below.



It is written for ages 8 and up. It says it’s about changing bodies. Most of the book isn’t glaringly awful. I wouldn’t want to see the author taking a polygraph test on all the bathroom-related accidents she’s had in her lifetime, but overall, this one is simply a cringe-worthy read.

However, eventually, the author tells 8 year olds reading this book that they are surrounded by sex everywhere these days, and her advice is they should wait till they are “older” to lose their virginity (older than 8? Impressively wise advice. )...THEN says their virginity is theirs and only they themselves have a right to decide when to start having sex; that there are no rules. Why are we acting as if it’s normal to give an 8 year old the message that they need to figure all this out on their own? What an irresponsible thing to say to young girls! 


And then the author chooses to throw in gender confusion with her dress-loving brothers. Marvelous. Interestingly, no mention on the cover about this particular topic. You just stumble upon it towards the end of the book.


Is this a book you’d give your 8 year old little girl?


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Did you know you can have a title removed from your library? A district may remove materials because they are pervasively vulgar or based solely upon the educational suitability of the books in question.  Ask your independent school district for an 'Instructional Materials Reconsideration' form today, fill it out, and TURN IT IN for each title containing sexually explicit, obscenities. Here are form samples by district.


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