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by various authors (Erica Waters, Aden Polydoros, +)


- chant Bloody Mary, set a church on fire, perform a satanic ritual at "the Bridge", ghost girl who was was murdered and decapitated, grandmother complains she can feel worms under her skin, and Maud goes to the Iris Lake where it's rumored that you can see the dead each night at 2 AM. She wants to see her crush, June (same sex attraction), who drowned the previous year.



"The indignity of her long-term boyfriend cheating with the girl who'd told Jules she was too chubby for cheerleading in seventh grade and outed her to the team as bi during freshman year could only be compounded by him not bothering to use proper grammar while he did it. Jules hated beer, but she took a sip anyway. Next to her, Lanie was on her third. Her parents were heavy drinkers, and she'd been pilfering from their stash since middle school. Jules hoped she'd stop after three. Drinking made her mean." - The Gathering Dark, pg 71


"Apparently, there was a young girl practicing witchcraft in town, and it caused all kinds of problems." - The Gathering Dark, pg 167


"I was a witch. They weren't wrong." Elle's fingertips twitch at her sides now. "I still am I suppose. My friends and I held hands in the trees, danced naked, waited for the Devil at the stroke of midnight. We loved each other more than we loved this ugly little town. We wanted to be part of something bigger." - The Gathering Dark, pg 173


"The truth was, I couldn't see myself living beyond twenty-five, or thirty maybe. Figured one day I'd blow my brains out or make a sharp turn on the I-27, plow right into a cement wall." - The Gathering Dark, pg 184


"For the third and final time, we whispered "Bloody Mary." Seconds later, Quinn started screaming. What's going on?" Gabe shouted. ....They called it a brain aneurysm, just a vessel in Quinn's head that had spring a leak at the perfect moment, flooding all his brain's twisted little passageways with blood until it gushed from his ears and nose. An aneurysm. While we were waiting for an ambulance, he died with his head resting in Sarah's lap."- The Gathering Dark, pg 187


"I don't remember it well anymore --it's more of a feeling, an idea of what happened, like watching it happen to someone else --but the guy in the restroom, he asked me if I liked trucks, said that he drive them for a living. That if I was good, he'd sit me down in his big shiny red truck and let me honk its horn. And it's all I have of him except, you know, the memory of what he did. And I mean, it wasn't even that bad what he did, you know? He didn't---" My voice caught in my throat like a clot of phlegm. I couldn't. say it. "He didn't do that. Was just a minute or two, and it was just a little rubbing and feel, but ---but fuck, I was seven." - The Gathering Dark, pg 199


Word Count:

13- fuck

4- bitch

16- shit

5- ass

3- screw (screw you)

2- Jesus

16- god

9- damn

2- demon

11- witch (witchcraft)

3- naked

3- queer

1- bi (short for bisexual)

1- condom

3- drunk

20- beer

2- wine

1- whiskey

9- vodka

2- liquor

1- pissed

2- crap

7- Bloody Mary (summoning dead spirit)

1- suicide

The Gathering Dark

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