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by various authors (E. C. Myers, +)


  • non-binary
  • white privledge


"Legally, they cannot deny Cadence gender affirming services." - Tasting Light, pg 16


"I'm non-binary. It was a gender thing for me. I don't care about mods otherwise." "Oh." Now Aaliyah feels bad for dragging them out of the closet. "Is that a problem?" Cadence presses. "No. Of course not. I'm queer as hell. So was she." - Tasting Light, pg 25-26


"I brought up the idea of cutting my hair a couple weeks ago, after I told me folks I didn't feel my gender fit me." - Tasting Light, pg 48


"One byproduct of the Melanitis plague was an increase in white fragility."- Tasting Light, pg 51


"Especially became suddenly all of these privileged white people are beginning to become melanated in unpredictable ways and gentrifying Blackness." - Tasting Light, pg 54


"You wanna be seen as a down white woman, but then also slide your rich privilege on the low?' - Tasting Light, pg 57


"Fuck," I gasped, putting my mask back on quickly." - Tasting Light, pg 142


"You will cry in the shower, where it makes sense. Underage sex will be encouraged, because underage marriage will be encouraged..." - Tasting Light, pg 257


"A month later, you will find out you are pregnant. A month later, you will wander the alleys of South Philadelphia, asking where to find the doctor. It will be all you know how to say, and you won't even know why you're there, but eventually you will be escorted into a small basement room. Two women will treat you. They will know precisely where to make incisions. "We couldn't get the smiling one out, but hopefully you can feel now," they will say when it's over. TheBigFinger / Nell Cruz is part of you. You will instantly want to cry. You will put your hand on your belly. You will feel real joy. And then relief. And then dread. It's harder this way, but worth it." - Tasting Light, pg 258


Word Count for "Tasting Light"

17- gender

5- queer

2- binary/nonbinary

1- pronouns

11- fortune teller

9- ass

8- fuck

1- dick

6- shit

4- god

3- damn

3- sex

7- pregnant

1- dyke

1- demonic

1- naked

3- privilege

2- negros

19- FAN (fake ass negro)

2- RAN (real ass negro)


Tasting Light : ten science fiction stories to rewire your perceptions

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