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by Adrienne Young


This is an adult book, not a YA. The main characters are in their 30s. Although author has other YA books, this is not one.


Author discussing book is Adult and magic.


LGBT (sex with 2 women)

Sex (man and woman)

Pentagram tatoo on arm


"....because all I could think was, I can finally f*ck Emery Blackwood....And I did. Over and over and over again.' - Spells For Forgetting, Page 248


"He laid me down on the bed beneath him and his lips broke from mine as I pushed out of my jeans. Between us, his fingertips ran down my breasts, tracing the line of me, until they were trailing over my stomach. My hips." - Spells For Forgetting, Page 287


"I held me breath as his touch moved over my thighs, between my legs, and when his fingers slipped into my underwear, a long, heavy exhale escaped his lips. I drank it in until I was filled with it. He watched me as my back arched and I bit down hard on my bottom lip, a small sound escaped my throat." - Spells For Forgetting, Page 287


"His eyes traveled over my face before his fingers hooked into the band of my underwear, sliding over my hips. I pulled at the buttons of his jeans, pushing them down until I could feel his warm skin against my hands. - Spells For Forgetting, Page 288


"He came low to kiss my collar bone his lips finding the peak of my breast. His mouth moved over me, leaving a trail of cold on my skin in the sharp winter air. I didn't want to wait anymore. I didn't want to wait for another second. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands caught my legs, pulling them up around him. His forehead pressed to mine and when he pushed inside me, I wanted to cry, the relief of it like a wave I was drowning in. August's mouth pressed to my throat as he leaned his weight into me and he groaned..." - Spells For Forgetting, Page 288


Word Count

47- spells 2

8- magic (dark magic, wielding magic)

26- shit

25- fuck

14- god (goddamn, godforsaken, oh my god)

12- bastard

8- damn

8- pregnant

9- curse

5- witch

5- breast

3- summon

3- Jesus

2- sex

1- whore

Note: This title is classified as an Adult book, not a YA (Young Adult) book.

Spells for Forgetting

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