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by Amélie WenZhao


"Meditation is best achieved while sitting and shedding one's awareness of the physical world around us." - Song Of Silver, Flame Like Night, pg 117


"The makeup of demonic and other spiritual energies was strictly only yin, resulting in yin energy's synonymity with the dark and occult side of magic over time." - Song Of Silver, Flame Like Night, pg 223


"Demonic practitioners were prone to losing control and allowing a demon to control their bodies." - Song Of Silver, Flame Like Night, pg 293


"The tortured me for information on demonic bindings. The way it works is...once a demon makes a bargain with you, its interests become aligned with you. It will do anything to keep you alive in order to ensure that it receives its end of the bargain. And so...I couldn't die, no matter how much I wished it." - Song Of Silver, Flame Like Night, pg 231


"Emotions an thoughts warred within him, the lines between his thoughts and his Demon God's thoughts blurring." - Song Of Silver, Flame Like Night, pg 328


Word Count

2 - b*tch

4- sh*t

1- occult

8- curse

31- spell

48- ghost

51- summoning

10- conjure

10- meditation

82- spirit (evil spirit, spiritual energy, supernatural spirit)

103- death

189- magic

266- god

398- demon (demonic energies, demonic gods, demonology, lots and lots of demons)


Note: We did not find anything sexually explicit in the book with our quick look, but we did find it very concerning that it included so much about demons and demonic everything. Focus on the Family continues to post about the rise of children moving into atheism, the occult and becoming witches (Wiccans). 398 is the highest word count of any word on our list that we have ever found in a title.

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night

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