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Sex, Lies and Hook-Ups: A Parent's Guide for Fighting Back, Help Your Teen: Develop Personal Identity, Set Boundaries, Resist Peer Pressure, Embrace Abstinence and Prepare for Marriage and Future Family.


This book is the go-to manual for parents to begin frank discussions with their children about sex and protective boundaries. The authors are the developers of the proven-effective Heritage Keepers® Abstinence Education (Heritage Keepers®) program, used by educators to empower young people to avoid the risks associated with early sexual debut and multiple sexual partners. Sex, Lies and Hook-Ups focuses on scientifically-identified "predictors" of teen sex that parents can address in the home. These predictors are foundational to the success of the Heritage Keepers® program. Because Heritage Keepers® has a positive effect on these predictors of teen sex, it subsequently has a positive effect on actual behavior – even a year after the program. To research the impact of Heritage Keepers®, students were surveyed before the program started. Some were enrolled in the program and others were not. Before Heritage Keepers®, the students in both groups scored the same. After the program, the scores of the program students improved significantly. Most important, a year later the Heritage Keepers® students reported initiating sex at a rate 1/3 that of the non-program students (a 67% lower rate). Extensive statistical analysis shows that the remarkable difference between the program and non-program students' behavior is almost entirely due to the Heritage Keepers® program. When teen behavior is so dramatically influenced by a program – even a year later, just think of the difference it will make when parents understand and address these predictors daily, in the home. Teens say that of all the people in their lives they admire most, it is their parents. They look to them for advice and guidance. Sex, Lies and Hook-Ups provides parents with the skill-building tools they need to help their children successfully negotiate their teen years. The Sex, Lies and Hook-Ups Parent Series includes a book for parents, seven (7) videos, chapter by chapter worksheets, and a workbook for teens. This series provides valuable scientifically-derived information that enables parents to empower their teens to better understand themselves, avoid risk and reach their potential in life. Topics include: • understanding the developing teen brain and body; • positively influencing predictors of teen sex; • developing sexual values – risks associated with safe sex and benefits of abstinence; • effectively managing the biological impact of infatuation; • addressing justifications for teen sex and practicing refusal skills with your teen; • establishing sensible and protective dating standards with your teen; • helping your teen avoid associated risks – drugs, alcohol and smoking; • increasing your teen's knowledge of anatomy and reproduction; • recognizing and preventing sexual abuse; • helping your teen prepare for healthy relationships and a bright future, and • parents as partners in prevention.


Note: This title is a parental suppliment for the Heritage Keepers sexuality education curriculum.


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Sex, Lies.and Hook Ups: A Parent's Guide for Fighting Back

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