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Media: CHS Freshman Reading Lists 2020


Plugged In:


Red Flags: -Sex, Sexual Abuse, Homosexuality, Abortion, Language, Violence, Drinking/Drugs/Smoking


Word Count:

10 f*ck

2 pussy

2 a*shole

1 b*tch

2 b*stard

4 sh*t (bullsh*t)

2 masturbate

4 penis

4 Jesus (in vain)

9 God (in vain)

1 damn

16 sex (sexual)

3 pregnant

2 faggot

1 dyke

1 queer

1 rape

2 suicide

2 blow (blow Queen, blowjob)

1 pills

4 pot (as in drugs)

2 LSD (as in drugs)

19 drunk (drunker)

11 beer

12 wine

7 brandy

1 virgin

1 doggie-style

14 naked

2 condom

1 clinic (for an abortion)

4 breast/s


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Citations for Early Sexual Debut and LGBTQ Health Risks:


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Did you know you can have a title removed from your library? A district may remove materials because they are pervasively vulgar or based solely upon the educational suitability of the books in question.  Ask your independent school district for an 'Instructional Materials Reconsideration' form today, fill it out, and TURN IT IN for each title containing sexually explicit, obscenities. Here are form samples by district.



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Perks of Being A Wallflower